Tuesday, October 26, 2010

e l l o .

today it snowed.
that is all.


remember how im running a half marathon on saturday!! AHH i just did.  i had to sign up. question. why do races cost so much?? I pay a pretty penny to feel pain, not be able to breathe, sweat, and pretty much DIE on the roads my tax money went into. WHY???
okay you get a shirt.
I've been sitting on my computer
for over an hour waiting
for my iphone to backup
so i can get it replaced.

my appointment is in an hour and a half
in salt lake....
ya probably not going to happen.
i am also going in to beg and if needed flirt
to buy also another one at the $100 price.
caseys was stolen.
yes stolen. in fiji.

i fell in love with this shoot from
H&M's Fall 2010 Magazine.
brilliant right? 

i want a poncho.

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