Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

g u y s

abel man is our favorite. we could hang with him all day. in fact, i often ask my sister to drop him off. just him. he loves casey and he loves to laugh. and both of those things make my heart very, very happy.

and bam. little wild man and i hit 29 weeks of growing. we got his car seat last night and casey could not stop laughing that the next time he carries it around, it will be occupied by a mini human. this is life.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

t e s s a l o u i s e

oh hi baby girl. we are so happy you're here.

tessa louise
2-9-2015 3:06pm
7 lbs 3 oz   &   20" long

my brother james and his wife suzanne are pretty lucky :)

o w l r o c k : : m o a b

last week i saw an instagram picture of someone climbing the owl rock in arches national park. i took a screenshot and sent casey the picture... "we are climbing this over the weekend."

and that is just what we did.

we invited our good friends, seth and steph, and took off after work on friday. it was late when we rolled into moab, so we parked to sleep along the colorado river. i love getting in late, going to sleep, and waking up surrounded by tall, sandstone walls. sleeping in the back of the truck with june and casey is pretty much my favorite. 

after breakfast the next morning, we took june to the vet for the day (because arches is not dog friendly) and took the afternoon to climb the owl rock. whoever named the tower "the owl" sure has an imagination. we nicknamed it " the johnson." just google "the owl rock in arches" and you will know what i mean. it was a really interesting climb and so awesome that we did exactly what we planned. 

we drove back through town to get june and grabbed dinner at zaks, before heading to a new campsite on potash. we chatted around the campfire and headed to bed. sunday was spent on potash climbing flakes of wrath when it started to snow. it was windy and although really miserable weather, casey and seth climbed on. at one point my knuckles started bleeding while belaying because it was so cold and i had to put on casey's shoes to stay warm. 

regardless of the cold, moab is always so good to us. can't wait to spend many summer weekends there.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 7 t h i n g s b e f o r e 2 8

"so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. what we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. i am saying… that you can ask the universe for it."
jim carrey

it finally set in last night that yes, i am now 27 and it is enough to send me into a full-blown panic attack. the lady at the rec-center counter offered me the youth rate membership price and i was all smiles until she glanced at the screen and was like... wait, you're 27?? my facebook feed screams late twenties as it's drowning in baby announcements and questions like, how do i get my baby to sleep through the night and i'm over here like ahhhhhh.

27 is going to be a wild year. i can feel it. a year of firsts, a year of travel, a year of climbing, and a year of change.

as always, my birthday comes with a list of to dos. so without further ado...

27 things before 28
1. legally change my last name to fromm
2. make 5 new lifelong friends
3. maintain an exercise regimen so i can run a 50k
4. love my body :: wear sunblock, floss daily, sleep more, exercise, eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and stop abusing my body with diet soda and too much sugar
5. begin learning a new language
6. get over my road rage problem... it's starting to affect my mental health
7. touch my feet to my head in a handstand
8. climb a v9 boulder
9. on-time birthday presents for every family member
10. bike around utah lake
11. go on a road tip to joshua tree in our bus sunshine
12. visit a new continent
13. lean a new trick on the wakeboard
14. kiss my husband on the top of ancient art tower
15. play a song on the violin for my mother
16. cut the umbilical chord of child and welcome him to life!
17. tattoo my wedding ring
18. visit the wave - coyote buttes with afton
19. go on at least 1 river trip
20. earn $10,000 to help save my friend josephine!
21. lead a trad climb
22. picnic and mountain bike ride around antelope island
23. restore my grandparents typewriter and write someone a letter
24. finish our back patio and have a big bbq with friends
25. train june to bring me her leash, to bow, and to put her toys away 
26. paraglide at the point of the mountain
27. and when/if we have/adopt a baby, prove the "i can't wait until you have children...." spiel wrong. i will still love my dog and i will still go climbing. :)

but most importantly, i am going to enjoy another 365 day journey around the sun.
much love,

Monday, January 19, 2015

c e b u p o s t 2 ( a n d l a s t )

i am just going to cram the rest of our cebu trip into one post. if i tried to talk about it all, i could go on for days and i am starting to forget parts of it... which means it must be time to go back. 

the only bad part about going to cebu is that the trip is usually at least 24 hours one way. that means sitting and eating and sitting and sleeping and eating and sitting and walking around the airport posing for weird pictures and eating and more sitting. we typically stop somewhere in california (this time LA), then seoul korea for a few hours, and then finally cebu. on the way home we had to stop in manila this time which was odd, but another adventure. we always take books and casey can somehow play hours of tetris on the plane. i usually watch several movies and make several trips to the back of the plane to stretch my legs. it is really miserable and i hate the smell of traveling so i run to the shower when i get to the hotel. weird, ya i know. oh and the swollen feet.... i could not even get my shoes back on. sick.

true story: on our last trip casey, decided to watch the hangover in the middle of the night. everyone was asleep and there was casey laughing his ass off with his headphones on, literally waking up everyone on the plane. not funny.

 always the same options.. over and over and over

one of our favorite parts of going to cebu is the resort we stay at.  which used to be called imperial palace.. but unfortunately changed it's name to jpark or something boring like that. i did not get to relax much this year because we only went for a week and i worked every night, BUT i did sneak down to the ocean and pool a few times when i should have been sleeping. the resort we go to is amazing!! literally the nicest place i had ever stayed at. there are several pools with bars to eat and drink inside the pool. you don't even have to get out. perfect lazy, american style. ;) casey went scuba diving alone this time since i was working and they offer a ton of activities. in all honesty, it would be the perfect honeymoon destination and probably just as cheap as hawaii... choose CEBU!

the view from our room looked over the ocean and it's neat to watch the fisherman every morning. you wake up to roosters and head down to the buffet to stuff your face. the buffet has every type of breakfast from countries all over the world. sushi, rice, noodles, cereal, fruit, waffles.... you name it, but i gain 10 pounds eating the fresh mango. seriously, nothing better.

blue bell!! the texan in me had to take a picture.

and then there is my team- by far the greatest people on the planet! we have a lot of fun. it always involves shoving a van full of people and going to check out cool places. luckily, this year we didn't run over a goat and have to pay the owners so they didn't call the barangay captain... oh always an adventure.

we went to some historical sites, ate lunch, sang and danced our hearts out at redbox (karaoke rooms you can rent out), visited a mall (the malls are like 10 times bigger than anything we have here), and of course.. got a lot of work done. it is my pleasure to work with such awesome people!

barkada: group of friends
 nescafe: the only thing to keep me awake during the night shift and the tastiest thing on the planet
the APAC team, but we still love them ;)
 my team threw me a party my last day!
dave- the company driver and our really good friend. last time he drove us all over cebu. he is such an awesome guy!

and then more airport food (seoul, south korea)