Sunday, October 31, 2010


5:45 AM woke up-
hardly awake.
6:15 AM meet at mall.

6:30 AM boarded buses.

7:15 AM wait in tents up canyon.
(@ aspen grove)

9:00 AM race begins-
bad start, we crossed the start
so our time started, but we were at 
a stand still.

10:10 AM doing great-
running a 8:24 pace past mile 8.

10:45 AM dying.

11:08 AM i cross the finish line.
(9:46 pace. probably a little faster
given the start sucked)
11:27 AM linly crosses finish line
11:30 AM we go home and climb
into bed so we could be up
for halloween festivities.
today ssssooorrreeee

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