Sunday, November 28, 2010

h a p p y .

chilling out after a long wonderful week.
we left right after thanksgiving lunch
with my family
and headed to st george.

i love casey's family. 
they are so sweet and we had
a blast
dipping chocolates
shopping at thrift stores
rock climbing
visiting the temple.

casey and i got some sweet
clothes and bags for school.
we were not going to leave
until this morning, but we
heard the weather was going to
be pretty bad, so we left at
about 2 am last night.
we didn't hit bad weather until

the ride was actually really good.
singing and laughing and acting
stupid from all the energy drinks
we drank to keep us up.
casey's family is heading home
right now and it's pretty scary.

we're suppose to be painting our house,
but casey is in bed sick.

since i was away..
5 things i am thankful for-

1. casey.
everything about casey.
especially when he sings
and plays the guitar for me.
we never fight.never argue.
love him.

2. my family and the fromms.

3. annie and ranger.

4. the outdoors.

5. God.
it amazes me how no matter
what he always gives me
another shot to be happy.

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