Friday, February 4, 2011

n i g h t o u t .

while seth wright was in town
we went out for the night.
also it was shelbs 20th birthday!!!!
shelby is casey's little sister who is
and beautiful.

we got her into keys on main
(which is awesome-highly recommended)
last week for my birthday i had 
to do the hokie-pokie on stage. ahh
and then hit up GRACIES.
.i love our friends.
this was part of the crew:
me and amy were wide awake
at 2 am.
while the boys slept in the car
we went to bayleaf cafe
and met some awesome people.
also they serve waffles and chicken
on the SAME plate.
oh and gape koolaid.
bad ass.

1 comment:

  1. You are BAD ASS!!! So was that night :) Loved pics from your walk.. especially the rainbow one at the very end! What was Casey's surprise?! I am sure it was good!