Tuesday, March 22, 2011

b a d p e o p l e

yesterday was one of the most stressful
and greatest days of my life.

work was crazy.
absolutely nuts in fact.
it was one of those days where
something that should have 
taken an hour
managed to take 6 hours to do.
i feel bad, because i had a few
freak outs on several people and
quite possibly their supervisors,
b u t
it’s over now and done and
without them i would not be able
to do any of it, so that’s
all I should be thankful for.

casey picked me up at work and we met
our lovely friends at wingnuts for some
amazing food before we headed to the
trevor hall concert
if you don’t know who he is,
you are not whole.

the opening bands were incredible as 
well and then he came up.
let me tell you, i have been to quite a few concerts in my
little life but nothing compares to the talent and soul
that comes out of that kid.
now there was a few moments where my hand may have been stepped on and pinched until i let go of a pick he had thrown out to the crowd, a few elbows to faces, shoves, and threats made to some girls who obviously did not know where they were by some awesome friends who will not take immature girls shoving and pushing.
(obviously they did not understand what his music is all about)
but all in all we were at a
trevor hall performance
and nobody could stop me from
enjoying it.

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