Friday, April 15, 2011

f r i d a y

it's Friday.
i'm happy.

had a lovely time with a
bunch of chickas at ONE last night.
slept in bed with amy since
it was 330 by the time we danced
the night away, ate delicious
breakfast burritos that amy cooked,
talked, and cried, and talked more.
can't believe i made it to work.

going out on the town again.

fist stop-gracies with seth
and some friends.
wish casey was here. bad.

second stop-skybar
amy and the gals and the
utah football alumni.
gonna find amy a husband.

third stop-the garage.
sweet chill place. a must.

maybe bay leaf later cause i'm
feeling like fried chicken and koolaid
in the wee hours of the night.

4 days. plans changed and only 4 days
until i get casey back.
our apartment won't be so lonely!! :)

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