Tuesday, April 5, 2011

s a t u r d a y

this weekend was so much fun.
casey and i 

-hiked down by the river
 behind his buddies house
-found a canoe
-took the canoe out on the river
 just like we did in alaska years ago. see here
-played horse shoes for almost an hour
-bottled babies
-took jax to see the temple
 currently being built
-gave jax a sip of coke after he screamed
 give me coke in the drive through
-bottled babies again
-ate dinner with jannie
-put babies to sleep
 which put casey to sleep
-went to bed early
-ate a gigantic delicious breakfast
 ....thank you marty
-drove around in the truck
-watched some conference
-went to a bbq complete with ribs
 ...thank you andy
-invited canadian friends over
-guitar session
jax hyped up on coke
late at night.
never again.

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