Sunday, May 15, 2011

b i k e s

note to self:

do not get on a bullet bike
unless it is with casey

note to 60+ yr old man:

do not run in front of said bullet bike
that is going 120 down your street
yelling curse words and throwing your
hat at us, putting everyone in harms way.
that does no good.
yes, i flipped you off.
went on a lovely motorcycle ride
on my small bike this afternoon
and then afton's 5 friends showed up.
at least that's what i call them

now i'm eating cookies
because i havent felt good all day
because i have a half marathon
to run in a month and if
you remember this is how i train.

now off to work on the sabbath.

watch this.
it will make you happy.
awww love.

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