Sunday, May 15, 2011

b o i s e

we made a trip to boise the last time
casey was in town.
we first made a stop off at
mollies cafe.
in snowville, ut
you must go there.

it's out in the middle of
n o w h e r e
but there is nothing else like it.
and casey kissed the one and only
molly who is probably in her 70's.
(an awkward kiss on the cheek turned into
an even more awkward kiss on the lips)
go casey!!
we love boise.
it's where casey asked me to be his
and the first time we said
"i love you" was
standing in front of the
capital building.
we've floated the river,
danced at a big music festival at the park,
road on a party bus,
slack lined, bought records @ the sweet
record shop, thrift store browsed,
slept on a hill overlooking the city,
and decided after two weeks of dating
casey was going to move to utah with me.

the night life in boise is amazing: 
awesome food, live music, and good people.

seth missed us
and we missed seth.
so we went for a visit.

we went to a wrestling initiation party
(out of control)
and spent most of the weekend
on a caving trip.
it was awesome.

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