Wednesday, May 25, 2011

l a u g h

1. cheese
maria likes me but cheese ugly
2. mushroom
when all my family gets in the car there isn't mushroom
3. shoulder
my friend didnt know how to make tacos so i shoulder
4. texas
my friend always texas me
5. herpes
my friend and i shared a pizza. i got my piece and
she got herpes
6. july
you told me you were going to the store and july to me
7. liver
a bully was messing with my sister so i told him
to liver alone
8. body wash
i wanted to go to the bar, but no body wash my kids
9. budwieser
that woman over there has a nice body, budwieser 
face so ugly
10. wheelchair
we only have one soda but its okay, wheelchair

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