Tuesday, May 24, 2011

w e e k

and so it begins.

two more weeks without my love (s).

all in our empty house.


a : lacking reality, substance, 
meaning, or value
b : marked by the absence of 
human life, activity, or comfort

no casey.
no annie.

the second week without annie..

the nightly running and biking
to get ready for this
which is on the saturday before we go 
to canada.

we had a very long and hard week.
which included:
long days laying in bed together
awake...... hardly
movie after movie
tears & silent early mornings
day trips to the pound
and finally
escaping to the mountains
oh the mountains.
and learning to be a family of 2 now
instead of 3.

i've promised God just about everything.
maybe somebody should co-sign for me.


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