Saturday, June 18, 2011

g i b b e r i s h

it's 2 am.
i'm tired.
i rode bikes twice today.
it made my heart smile.
i woke up to a teepee in the living room
and little indians asleep under it.
val the turtle loves the outdoors.
i had two video conferences at work today.
one with a lady with a strong accent in some country.
i get to go shop and have a hair party
with my pretty friend amy lou tomorrow.
wedding stuff and melting.
and then to dinner with jannie and shelbs.
girls date with some of my favorites.
then bike hoping around salt lake night life.
i want the dreads i saw in moab. dumb job.
canada in one week. eh.
missing my love. lots. lots.
guitars + porch + sunset = summer
there is a pink floyd album on our record player.
our record player is not working at the moment.
so instead i am listening to this.
it's all good now.
it's 2:30 am now.

tonight the music will deliver the words i cannot say

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