Saturday, June 4, 2011

n i g h t o u t

had a lovely night with
miss amy.
most classy woman i know.

started off with some friends at a killer loft
d o w n t o w n

then we raced to the car..
in heels.
i won.

went to dick n'dixies
to meet up with another friend
and shook our booties until closing time.

of course we ended the night at
bayleaf for fried chicken.

woke up this morning, gossiped, 
and headed home.

from salt lake to utah county
can you spot the following?
1. a rainbow umbrella at the pride festival
2. a naked man driving
3. the one and only driver not talking
   or texting on their phone
4. a guy halfway in your lane
5. pot holes the size of your tire

enjoy your saturday.
ran to this jam this morning.
there may have been several
random dance outbreaks.

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