Sunday, June 19, 2011

s t o r y

hair party with amy.
we still have more to do
which we'll do in canada
but it was tight
and amy is one bad ass hair doer person :)
and then we were out on the town
bike style.
and then to gracies for dinner on the patio.
you must get the
turkey avacodo club
& sweet potato fries
it's so naughty.
and say hi to nick...
our bar tender boyfriend.
we went to urban and saw some band.
we almost died in the crazy crowd
but we danced until our shoes died instead.
went to our friends house
played with his awesome dogs
and listened to music until the
wee hours of the night.

found some sun glasses
which turned us into rockstars
bahahaahhaha ;)
caught a cab and finally went
to bed at 5:30.

went to brunch with our friends
this lovely m o r n i n g
the end.
oh and i got a tattoo.

hahaha just kidding.

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