Thursday, June 23, 2011

u p d a t e

guess how much stuff i have done on that list?
oh ya... nothing.

instead i've spent money shopping and have
gone for extremely long walks around the neighborhood.
i'm amazed at the amount of things that i can come up with
that are more important than anything i need to do.
dancing around my house,
making music videos,
and drawing stick figures on documents i
should be reading for work.
oh course it ends with several naps
throughout the evening and going to bed super late.

i learned today that apparently i know
html and css coding
to get a site up by aug 15.
guess what i will be doing this weekend?
good thing i have one of the best web designers
to teach me.

i hate the shift casey is working right now.
we hardly get to talk and i get supper anxious.
but i did get a picture of his sexy face today
and his hair is getting super long.
love love love.
tuesday please come fast.
super super fast.

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