Tuesday, July 26, 2011

o h t h e g o o d

the good things of last week
1. casey

2. taking the boat out with my favorite people
   my sisters, amy, and casey

3. twilight series-(tomorrow is going to be bomb)

4. the new member of our family
   casey surprised me
   here's to long long road trips

5. taking our new baby camping past
   pineview with the whole fromm crew.
   sitting around the campfire.
   love them all!!!!

6. matisyahu. very best concert ever.
   dancing around with casey.

7. running up stewart falls and the canyon ride.
   running that trail kicked my butt.

8. and last but the very best
   here is a preview. you'll see the rest soon.
 the ordinary was extraordinary.
it was magic. 

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