Wednesday, August 10, 2011

t h i n g s

24 days until i get married.
so 24 days until i vanish from the internet.

maybe for good.
maybe not.

but i want to remember what we did without computers.
life must have been good then.
there are several things i want to do before i die.
there simply isn't time for this awful time consuming blah.

my blog will be no more
and facebook..... poof.
i am thinking of documenting travels, adventures, and goals through pictures only, via tumblr.
that is when and if i get a nice camera.

who knows.
well the wedding is pretty much planned
(thanks to my mother)
and casey's ring is bought.
it's pretty much down hill from here on out.

life lately:
boating boating boating.bridal shower.swimming.rock climbing in ogden and in the gym.lots of biking-bike is now fixed yay!i changed my work hours to 7-3 instead of 9-5 LOVE IT.awesome new boss in the netherlands and coworkers in romania.visit soon-i think so.figuring out where to move race-tanner kicked butt.single dreads in my hair.lindon days.bought this.still die over her for this.learning to lead and multi-pitch climb starting monday.

good life.

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