Tuesday, August 21, 2012

d e n i k

don’t bother seeing the campaign. last night we had the movie theater to ourselves and smuggled in caseys dill popcorn seasoning and caffeine loaded coffee to ward off any drowsiness. unfortunately, the preview shows about every major funny part. the rest is just so so. so sad.

however, the night was not ruined. we found our way into the most darling book store where we browsed the book filled shelves and right outside we found this little kiosk gem.

                           D E N I K

they had the sweetest books.
  • an artist submits their artwork
  • it is printed on blank notebooks 
  • they are sold to the public
not only does the artist make a percent, but $1 goes to building schools in africa. don't worry if you can't shop at their kiosk, shipping is free.

shop now or submit your artwork here.

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