Thursday, August 30, 2012

e n g a g e d

this just so happened yesterday...

amy fromm, casey's sister and my best friend got engaged last night. travis called casey last week to ask if there was a climb somewhere nearby with enough room at the top to pop the question. we had just the spot. tuesday we took him up to red slab in rock canyon to take a look. it's an easy climb with a view of the city. he was a bunch of nerves, but who wouldn't be.
wednessday, i left work a little early and belayed casey to the top to leave a backpack. i drove home to meet the love birds at our house, pretending i was coming home from work to meet them since amy had asked to go climbing. casey would meet us up there as he was at his "scuba diving" class.

we hiked up and casey led the climb again, came back down, and travis went up. we were going to do the next pitches, so we told him to stay up there and toss down the rope. we tried stalling amy for as long as possible. when she got to the top there he was in a suit. casey and i sat at the bottom and let them enjoy the moment and the awesome sunset. kinda perfect eh?

can you believe monday is on one year anniversary?

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