Thursday, August 9, 2012

t h e m o u n t a i n s

the last few days i have been in a funk.
we’ve been watching the olympics and the other evening we
spent enjoying homemade pizza and drinks with our neighbors…
did i mention we love them... and so does miss june.
we bought casey a new road bike to start riding the alpine loop and i indulged in my shopping addiction.
nothing bad has happened
and life has been good to us,
but something has seemed off.
today i was looking at pictures and i realized what it is.
i miss the mountains.
i miss the rocks.
i miss the sun.
i miss the campsites.
i miss the shoes, chalk, and boulders. 

since we’ve been so busy and caseys been immobile,
we haven’t been climbing, hiking, or camping in several weeks.
this is unheard of in our home.

mark my words..
as soon as this wedding is over
we are headed for the mountains.

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