Wednesday, August 1, 2012

w e d n e s s d a y ’ s w e e k l y

after two crazy weeks of packing, finding renters, and fixing up the house we have moved in! we love it. love our neighbors. love our back yard (which i have become obsessed with watering). and love our house. there are still several projects, but we couldn’t be happier about the move. 

motorcycle rides and life flight
the day before his surgery and halfway done with moving, casey requested a motorcycle ride up the alpine loop. half way up, i gave wrong directions, like usual, and we ended up at cascade springs. when we turned around to head back a man flung out in front of us on his four wheeler and asked to use my phone since his friend crashed. he drove back up to his friend and i called 911 and we met the sheriff and the ambulances and took them up to him. he was in really bad shape so they brought in life flight. see... sometimes your wife giving you wrong directions is a good thing. i always knew this talent would come in handy one day.

casey had surgery last week to take out hardware from his foot. they still left a few screws in, but hopefully this will speed up the healing and ease the pain. none weight baring for 2 weeks, so guess who has been unpacking? luckily Shelby came down to help unpack my kitchen and she cooked us dinner. she is amazing.

this is what is keeping the kid sane. after several years of not watching tv, we finally got cable. we figured we should have internet and cable for our renters downstairs, so we gave in. smart choice. we have watched the olympics every night as we eat creamies and water the lawn. last night the US girls gymnastics team won gold. it’s kind of surreal to watch the karolyis at the games and to think that I went to bela's camp in texas years ago. i’m feeling an urge to hit the tumble gym soon. it's also sweet to see it all in london since we were just there in april.

enjoy this. we are loving it right now.

The Lumineers - Ho Hey (Official Video) from The Lumineers on Vimeo.

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