Monday, August 6, 2012

w o r k i n g g i r l

i must say working, moving, finding renters, and trying to get everything done for my sister’s wedding has officially made me bat shit crazy. i hurry home from work every day to whip something up for dinner so i can get back to cleaning and trying to get the freakin grass to grow back. after several mental breakdowns yesterday, today I am refusing to do anything. 
i will not cook. 
i will not move anything. 
i will not clean. 
i am going to spend the lovely evening at seven peaks with the husband and friends. afterwards, i will kick my feet up on the boxes of “things that have no place” and facebook stalk the crap out of people that have applied to move in to our basement.
for now i will eat breakfast for lunch 
drink loads of starbucks
and envy the runners on my way home from work. 

tomorrow it will start all again.
here is to another crazy week with an additional wedding.
which reminds me i have a dress to buy...

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