Thursday, January 24, 2013

j a n 2 4

this morning reminded me of why i wanted to go to st george over the weekend.
i watched about 8 car crashes and 2 cops fall on their tail ends trying to walk across the street.
it was a circus ice rink on the roads.

we didn’t go down to climb because casey wanted to watch some hockey on saturday.
just me and the husband. it was perfect.
afterwards we went over to amy and travis’ for drinks.
we were planning to go out, but it never happened.
we’re getting old.
tonight they’re coming down for dinner and garage climbing. my favorite.
i also just bought macklemore&ryanlewis tickets so today’s looking good.

i decided I am going to start featuring my favorite instagram accounts, cause why not.
i have an addiction to australian fashion and tattoos.
weird. I know.
happy Thursday.
ps. if you dont believe me that it is icey, watch this.

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