Friday, January 18, 2013

o h o h

im more than thrilled that it is now friday. i have the weekend to spend with the husband and our farm of animals. we are thinking about heading down to st George to camp and boulder since it will be in the 50’s, but who knows. isn’t it sad when 50 sounds so good. it will be a brilliant way to bring in my birthday week.

this week was a long one. i had to take a few 10 min breaks hiding in the bathroom from my computer, so i didn’t lose my mind. lots of meetings with people in rotterdam and cebu in combination with some tools breaking and a lot of evaluations resulted in a never ending headache. good thing my coworkers are awesome and the beginning of the year is over, because I am not sure it is healthy to intake as much caffeine as there is in four cups of coffee before noon.

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