Thursday, January 10, 2013

& t h e n c a m e b r u c e

we are swooning over our new mouth to feed.

i stared at him all night and couldn’t believe that every little ounce of perfection fit into that itty shell of his. it’s hard to believe he will end up weighing more than me, since he is smaller than the palm of my hand. casey’s friend sadly passed away a few days ago, so we properly named him bruce. bitsizebruce will outlive us by fifty or so years, so he will most definitely be included in our will. lucky. until that time we will enjoy countless barbeques and croquet games together in the lawn each summer.
i’m in awe at each member who joins our family. so unique, but so much the same by the organs that make us function. he is tugging at my heart strings.

i’ve jumped to an extreme high in life. 
everything seems within reach and so possible.
life is good.


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  1. ohmygosh how cute ! I used to have a turtle. lovely pets ! :)

    Alexandra Marie