Monday, February 4, 2013

w e e k e n d i n g

i wonder how many days i can fail in a row.
there is a basket of clothes in my kitchen,
the bed is not made,
and i ate more calories at lunch 
than i should have this whole week.

i did sit on my yoga ball the entire day at my desk.
usually it’s just my foot rest…. no lie.

it’s finally getting warm enough to run.
i take that lie back.
finally the sun is out to pretend like it’s warm enough to run.
maybe if i run tonight my husband will be so shocked
that he will not notice the fact i didn’t make dinner.
we baked vegan breads and ground our own coffee yesterday,
so that counts for a week.

speaking of yesterday, the superbowl was a trip eh.
i did not like either teams, so i cheered for the underdog and we won.

the highlight of our weekend was definitely Saturday
although dinner and coffee on friday with our neighbor was pretty awesome.
saturday we slept in and spent the afternoon in the canyon snowshoeing.
the mountains are our haven and it was good to breathe the fresh air.

we made our way to good earth for a wheatgrass shot afterwards
and got ready for dinner with amy and travis and their new pooch dolly.
god bless weekends.

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