Friday, August 23, 2013

b a s e j u m p i n g a n d b o o k s

if you remember, a few weeks ago i ran into my favorite pro climber steph davis and she invited us to go base jumping in moab. sadly, sunday her husband, base jumper mario richard, died in a base jumping accident in italy's dolomite mountains.

i didn’t know much about her husband and had never met him,
but i have his company card in my wallet that my skydiving instructor handed me and said i should take a go.
from the comments in the climbing and base jumping community it is very clear what an outstanding guy he was and the huge support his wife has at this time.
and our thoughts are with her.

coincidentally, yesterday (a day after i heard the news) her book learning to fly arrived in the mail and i was anxiously awaiting to get home from work to start reading. one problem.... casey wanted me to read it with him.
we read and study a lot of things together, but when a book i am entirely interested in arrives,
i need to read it. i need to read it now. and i need to read it fast.

so, i began to read it out loud to him in the car on the way to my company party yesterday.
i read it out loud on the way home.
and then i read to him for over an hour while he worked out and i sat in my underwear on the couch.
the only thing that got me to stop was a horse throat and the lightening calling my name outside.

the two of us and june sat in silent respect on the front porch watching the electricity light up the sky.
for thirty minutes we just watched. in the moment. without thought to anything else in the world.
i find more peace when the rain pours and the earth talks. june seems to enjoy it equally.
it’s simply nature. washing and feeding herself.

we are on our way to st George for some climbing and good times with a group of friends
and i am anxious to jump in the car to keep reading from where we left off.

june gets to stay home with the house sitter.
lucky her. not. i'm going to miss that skunk butt (*story about that later)
but dogs are not allowed on this trip so hopefully she will catch up on some puppy sleep
since she has been going to work with casey every day.

to brighten the day and ring in the weekend
here is a tune that floods my memories of boise and flirting and record shops.
we love miss nina simone and life should be celebrated. 

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