Tuesday, August 6, 2013

p s i c o b l o c

i think the gods were awarding me this last weekend
for something good i must have done in a previous life.
yes, my weekend was that good.

friday night we met up with amy and travis at the psicobloc competition in park city
to watch some of the best climbers in the world.
we ran into some friends, stuffed our faces with granola, and cheered on our favorites.
it was nothing short of amazing.

saturday started off lazy. i like lazy.
casey worked on the bus and when i finally got out of bed,
i ran around town with my sister.
stopped first to grab some veggies at the farmer's market,
a little shopping, and then to the blue pablano for some lunch.

i took a little nap and then casey and i went to barnes and noble, a favorite of ours.
the coffee, and browsing, and quiet... aww breathe.
casey read books on the BMW bus and i read a book on serial killers.
we decided to see a movie and 5 minutes later we were catching an early showing of 2 guns

casey made me a super romantic dinner with homemade spaghetti,
i grilled up some corn, and we ended the night with some breaking bad.

sunday we woke up late and missed our date with af canyon.
if you don’t get up there early, some of the walls are way too hot in the summer.
instead, we headed back up to park city for the arts festival and park silly market.

after chats on main street, listening to live music, and running into good friends,
we eventually made our way back up to the olympic park.
they opened up the climbing wall from the competition (easy version) to the public.
casey climbed the wall and i met my all time favorite pro climber.

just look up steph davis. 
she is an incredible climber, base jumper, and book writer.
i made an ass out of myself, having our good friend grab her so i could get my picture with her.
it was awesome. and i even got a personal invite to go base jump.
will do.

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