Sunday, December 14, 2014

c e b u p o s t 1

in october, i had to go back to cebu for work. as with most of my work trips, casey comes with.  we love my team in cebu! it's like going to visit family, except that i work their nights and play during the day which means i don't sleep the entire stay.  it takes me almost a week to recover when i get home, but it's always worth it.

one of the highlights of the trip was a big team lunch at lantaw, a floating restaurant.  it looks over the ocean and cebu city.  we took the company jeepney.  i normally travel in the company van, so it was fun to experience how my team members commute everywhere.  the seafood at lantaw is so delicious!  they bring you a basket of live crabs and you pick your meal.  it was fun to have everyone there and this time my coworker karen, from rotterdam joined us.  she is always the life of the party! can't wait to go back!

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