Wednesday, December 29, 2010

c h r i s t m a s .

im at work, but my entire team is
playing halo for the 2nd day, so
i am blogging for lunch instead.
why do we even come to work during the
let me just tell ya....
christmas was oh so lovely to me this year.
thursday casey and i went
skiing with my work 
and then headed up to brigham city
for his families christmas party.
santa showed up and brought me 
awesome matching pjs.
jaxon, casey's nephew, ate lots
of chocolate and ran around all night
like a mad man
while we laughed our heads off.
the next morning us girlies went to
see "little fockers" in our pjs.
his family is SO awesome!!

we then ran back to lindon for
my families christmas eve party.
good food, homemade gift exchange,
great people, acting out the nativity
made for another incredible night.

casey and i then went home to
spend christmas eve with eachother.

the next morning we went to my parents
for presents and then to brigham again
for MORE presents.
never been so blessed in my life.
that night we had an amazing dinner made
by marty and then saw true grit with the
whole clan!
this season has been perfect.
kitchen table
rock climbing finger bored
wallet from australia
snow shoes
stone necklace from new zealand
arcteryx jacket
pots and pans
bad A headphones
2 guitars
movie tickets
gift cards
how am we so lucky?

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