Monday, December 20, 2010

a h h h ! !

christmas is coming way too fast!!!
i cannot believe it is on saturday.

this winter has been lovely.
my work has corporate ski passes
so casey and i ski for FREE
and we will be going at least once a
week for the rest of the season.

this last week was a blast!
case and i went to iggys one night
and ran around the mall.
we then got gelato and watched
the fights at wing nuts.
we also went to di, ross, and savers
(our favorite stores)
several times and took casey on
his first trip to winco where we ran
into several old friends!

casey’s brother ryan and his wife jesse
had their annual ugly sweater party on thursday
which was a blast! pictures soon.

amy came down to stay
with us on saturday!!
josh also came out with us to dinner
at osaka which is soo good!!
i would highly recommend it,
but if you go you have to make
sure you ask to be seated in
the little rooms that you sit on
pillows on the floor to get the
entire experience.
we all went to the velour and
listened to some awesome artists.
i miss the music scene a bit.
they sang christmas songs, that
immediately put me in the
christmas spirit!!

speaking of music...
love this song!!