Tuesday, December 14, 2010

l a t e r s .

i better go to bed.
the tv was left on
and right as i looked up,
a preacher for some online
gospel show was praying.
i immediately bowed my head
and folded my arms.
took me almost 4.9 seconds
of peeking to realize i was
actually folding my arms to a tv prayer
and another 10 seconds to laugh off
the fact i was peeking like 
someone might catch me.

i was looking through casey's trip 
pictures that are on my computer.
he fell asleep hours ago, since
he is training the neighbor in
wrestling every morning at 6.
these were two of my favorites.
one lucky girl i am.

the last photo was when he
was in bryce canyon
on his way home.
this is how i saw him.
such a good day.

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