Saturday, January 22, 2011

g o o d b y e .

i have two far fetched goals for
my b i r f f d a y tomorrow. 
to get out of bed 
brush my teeth. 

i know, i'm a dreamer.
i am having a lot of thoughts.
thoughts about life.
it's 3 am
so forgive me.

i have decided this year
is the year to settle down
and achieve my goals.

goals i n
.rock climbing.

this year will be a good one.
i'm hoping.

i am going to start
the y e a r off
by going skiing.
headphones in.
boy on the chair lift next to me.
thoughts to myself and to nature.

farewell 22
i will miss you.
23-you scare the fuuuu out of me.

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