Wednesday, January 5, 2011

n e w y e a r s .

we spent new years rock climbing,
playing kinect with some friends,
and then headed to a house 
p a r t y .
it was small, simple, and perfect.

we listened to eachother strum and sing
their little hearts out.
even casey sang a song, which he announced
before singing it that he was only doing it
because he loves me.
it was a song i get to hear quite often,
our song. nobody else's.
p.s. his voice is amazing.

when it got close to 12,
we each wrote on a paper
where we were, who we were with,
the weather, and goals for the new year
and then tucked them away and promised
not to look at them til next year.

we ran out side, lit fireworks, and toasted
the night away.
i even got a midnight kiss.
they lit the fireplace and we spent the
next few hours talking about life.
they are great people.

my most important new years goal?
b e  h a p p y
and enjoy the little things

i guess i should say
stay happy
one bad thing about new years:
at one point in the night casey
and his friend came upstairs
with shaved faces.
but i still love him. 
and he promised not to
do it again.

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