Wednesday, January 5, 2011

s e t h ' s v i s i t .

seth was in utah for christmas,
so we and a bunch of friends
went out to dinner.
seth and josh came back
to our house and we played music
and wrote quotes about life.
it was awesome.
we love seth and josh.
seth likes to take credit for me and casey.
all 3 of us met at a bomb fire in
skagway alaska
a few years back and 
casey was playing the harmonica.
i leaned over to my roommate and said
that one is going to be trouble.

the next day we took a road trip
to canada where we "borrowed" a row boat
and took it out on a lake and
then walked around the little city
and saw a movie.
we only hung out a few times
taking a ferry to haines 
for the state fair,
cooking them dinner, and
sitting in an old school bus at night
listening to awesome music.
i told seth casey was hot
and casey told seth i was
cute and way cool,
but i was taken.
and casey was crazy. haha.

never really thought about it.
we kept in touch hardly.
and two years later he invited
me c a m p i n g
and we were dating the next week.

the rest is history.

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