Wednesday, January 26, 2011

r e a s o n 4

this was at our door with
a cherry coke after i told
him i was craving one and he 
told me it was unhealthy.
n o t e s .

out of no where i will get notes.
    notes that he loves me.
    notes that he's sorry.
    notes on my dinner plate 
    letting me know he missed 
    me while i was in the bathroom.
poems or just random thoughts.
and i love them all.
and i save them all.
i'm sure you will see more of these.
he sent me a text to look 
up this song today.

i wish i could do better by you,
cause it's what you deserve.
you sacrifice so much of your whole life,
in order for this to work.

while i'm off chasing my own dreams,
sailing around the world,
please know that i'm yours to keep,
my beautiful girl.

when you cry a piece of my heart dies,
knowing that i may have been the cause,
if you were to leave, fulfill someone else's dreams,
i think i might totally be lost.

you don't ask for no diamond rings,
no delicate string of pearls,
that's why i wrote this song to sing,
my beautiful girl.

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