Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a p r i l s h o w e r s

bring more goals.
i am the most happy i have ever been
and it 
feels ... inexplicably good
but i need to keep pushing myself.
i'm not use to not traveling and
not moving around.
although we love utah
we wanted to move early on, but
we are going to be here for a while
so i'm going to start getting
into killer shape.
cheers to that.

this month
1. gym or climbing gym daily
this is a must to make my other goals.
2. get corrisa's wedding photographs edited
i have been putting this off for a good reason... i am lazy.
3. climb a V5. 
i can climb V3's and some V4's, but i am going to climb a solid V5.
4. lead climb at least a 10b
i can climb 10's pretty solid. i just need to lead climb them.
5. cook every weekday
casey will love this. crock-pot help me.
6. go into work early everyday
7. paint our bedroom
casey and i have painted every other room in our house and draw on the walls. i have paint and i have time. i just don't have time to paint. odd isn't it.
8. do 15 pull-ups continuously
i use to be able to do 20+ in my good old days, but i've lost it sadly. we got a new finger board we put up in our kitchen for climbing, so that will do for pull-ups.
9. a new song on the guitar
with the amount of guitars, a ukulele, and a banjo we have around i should know a lot more songs.
10. yoga
i've tried to teach casey some yoga, but need to keep going. i do it as a de-stressor, but i need to make it more of an anti-stressor.

this summer
1. run a full marathon
i ran a half in october which wasn't bad, so i am determined to run a full.
2. make 5 rappel trips in zions
3. learn to crack climb
it kicks by butt. i need tape.
4. lead climb outside
5. sprint triathlon
casey and i are going to do one together. i need to learn how to swim long distance. help?

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