Sunday, July 31, 2011

j u l y 3 1

so i haven't showered for four days.
i have averaged about 4 hours of sound sleep this week.
i have eaten like crap.
i ate no more than 1 meal a day and its usually
involved a turkey sandwich or kettle corn.
now i have 34 days to lose 8 lbs.

i have been a wreck today. just mean mostly.
or just slept. or laughed hysterically at retarded things.
i wanted to ride my bike.
after an hour of trying to fix the tire again...
i threw it down on the grass and went for the motorcycle.
i probably would have taken casey's new motorcycle
if i could touch the ground.

and now im going to make cookies for
harry potter's birthday
and vow to see the new movie this week.

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