Friday, May 11, 2012

w e e k r e c a p

1. wrote a nice email to delta about how:

our flight was delayed for hours in cleveland
we missed our original flight to amsterdam
they lost our luggage in amsterdam
our luggage wasn't delivered for 2 days
which meant i went to work in rotterdam without makeup
haha. seriously.

they gave me two $100 vouchers for flying.
that is what being nice to customer service does for ya.

2. saw the avengers for work on thursday.
not my favorite, but surprisingly funny.

3. was told to plan on going to train my team here 
for two weeks in september.

4. was asked to think about moving here or here 
to manage from the apac region.
casey and i think yes.

i just realized this is all about work.
i am boring when he's gone.
i am off to think of something cool to do this weekend
to make up for this.

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