Thursday, May 10, 2012

h i s b i r t h d a y

it's the husband's birthday today.
he is now twenty five
(a quarter of a century)
old... yet so so young.

things you should know:
my husband is ridiculously good looking.
he can climb with one leg like its nobody's business.
he is the cook and the better driver.
he is giving, sweet, and everyone's best friend.
i could dance all night, every night with him.
he doesn't hate a soul and is the most humble.
he will hate that i am writing this.
he puts me in my place and is just
as wild and random as me.

and i can still remember seeing him
for the first time in alaska.
i am so happy i said yes to alaska.
i said yes to camping.
and i said yes to boise.

"we will look back on these few days during our eternal time together and chuckle.. realizing it only helped with the production and creation of strength between us."

note from casey
on our lovely honeymoon days after his surgery.

since this is arguably one of the most
romantic songs... this is for him.

"so give me your forever
please your forever
not a day less will do
from you"

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