Tuesday, August 28, 2012

b l a c k s h e e p

saturday the in-laws came down to hang out with us.
if you knew my in-laws you would wish they'd visit you.

jannie, my favorite #1, brought us down a huge basket of goodies from her garden. i guess i should say their garden because marty, my favorite #2 is one hell of a gardener... don't mess with his fruit trees. most sunday's i spend a good hour stuffing my face with raspberries and blackberries behind the shed in their back yard... don't tell. we now have tomatoes, peaches, carrots, onions, and cabbage. perfect for summer cooking.

dinner out is always a tradition when they come down. maybe it's because i am no cook. regardless of the reason, it's my favorite. we decided to try somewhere new.
eating somewhere new is always risky, but this will not disappoint. i had driven by the black sheep cafe every day on my way to work and knew immediately i had to try it from the name. as soon as i heard it doubled as a native american jewely workshop i about died and pushed it as the place for us to go.

the food was incredible.
1. go early or plan on a wait
   this place is hoppin
2. get the blue fire shrimp
3. whatever you order, just make sure to 
   get the sweat potato fries. so good
4. stuff your face
   spend a good amount of time doing so
5. thank me
6. go running and then go again

next i am trying the goat burger.... hand-pressed beef with goat cheese in the middle topped by a sliced portabello mushroom, sauteed peppers and a very tasty sauce - all wrapped in a navajo taco-type bread. holy amazing.
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