Thursday, October 11, 2012

b a t h s y r u p a n d t e a

the last couple of days i have come home to a
sick, hot-bath-cough-syrup-and-tea needing boy.
it was my fault.
i gave him the cold.

last night he cooked chicken and potatoes and i made him a pear-feta-cheese salad.
we watched cops reruns and i went for a long run in the rain with my sister.
after a quick long shower, we cuddled up and watched a movie before climbing into bed to share love sniffles.

i obsessively try to capture these memories as life seems to be flying by.
i often lay in bed and think how i would be perfectly content
with my life staying like this forever.
i have thought this many times and am only proved it gets even better.

last weekend we drove through logan canyon.
a little over two years ago, i was half dressed in that canyon
sleeping on nothing but a patch of dirt, covered in mud from the river.
... but that stories for another time
i had little knowledge that night of how fast and furious my obsession to the person lying next to me would hit.
instead, a gypsies life on the road seemed to be calling.

i don’t think it hit me that morning we sat the coffee shop.
pancho, sunglasses, and dried mud hair. chai tea in hand.
i don’t think it hit me when he kissed me goodbye and i headed home.

i don't think it hit until he messaged me to jump out of the car on the freeway.
he’d pick me up on the side of the road 
and take me to his parents for some sunday cooking he said.
or it may have been the simple message that night, he liked me and to stay classy.

i didn’t jump out of that car and i didn’t go to his parents for dinner.
i tried to ignore what had happened and pretend it was
like the other random flirty messages we had been sending each other for months 
before we dated as we separately drifted around emotionless 
with other people....oops.
it didn’t work.

living apart was lonely and short lived.
we didn’t say i love you for a week,
but it laced every word we spoke 
so much you could taste it.

who knows when or why the Gods decided this,
as i now come to rely on him a lot to even function.

but i'm not complaining.

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