Saturday, October 13, 2012

f r i d a y

i thought we were getting over this being sick and all.
yesterday that cold smacked me over the head and told me it was here to stay for a while.

i had a big monthly presentation at work
and then i bundled up and headed back home
to climb into bed.

somebody else was still in there feeling equally bad.
and that is where we stayed until late in the evening.

it was awesome.

i am still amazed at how everything i want out of life
can be bundled in one very manly human being
he pushes me to be a better person, a better climber, a better wife.
isn't he intoxicating?

by the way, how did you spend your
we carved pumpkings, played rockband, and watched the debate.
amy and travis are pretty killer to spend the evening with.
excuse me now. 
the husband is golfing and shopping is calling my name.
here are some other fall....ish pictures floating around my iphone.


  1. oh, good to hear you feel better now! and your husband has a really nice smile and i love your shoes and the pumpkins are tuely awesome!

  2. you guys are so cute. let's hang soon, ya?