Wednesday, November 21, 2012

t i m e o u t

i’ve been away yet again. not off exploring the world.. just in my little head.

work and school are overwhelming and leave with very little time to do the things that keep me sane. i’ve been blasting techno music to block external and internal noise and have been living off coffee and energy drinks to keep me running.

i think i hit a wall.

this week i am taking a little break from the cyber world to relax and enjoy the holiday with my husband’s family. i need to focus on life, goals, and being happy doing absolutely nothing. i am not very good at that..

this age is a really weird one for me, like i am just waiting for something to happen. life is happening, but not much more. i’ve changed from a carefree young and wild teen to a very tired and paranoid wife. my mind aches for the wild freedom youth the husband and i shared before we "grew up" and joined the working class. boo.

i plan on taking long bike rides, relaxing in crystal springs, and avoiding caffeine at all costs. hopefully i can regain balance in life and reign my wild emotions back in.

enjoy your thanksgiving.

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