Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a n d t h i s i s l i f e, t h i s i s r e a l

i took a break again. oh well. it was the holidays and i deserved it.

i admit that i’ve been at a complete loss of what to write about and where i want this blog to go. my man and i like to keep our lives a bit private but something about documenting, learning, and growing with others seems oddly magical.

the last few months are kind of a blur to me. i think with the move and the year of the broken ankle we got a little lost. i hit wife-hood with a little too much force and have just now accepted the fact i need to step back and just have fun. and over the holidays, oh, we had fun!

i need to let go.
i need to unplan.
i need to trust.
i need to accept.

although the last while has been exhausting, i can’t tell you how much we have grown. we have started to get the swing of things. for the first year of our marriage, i had so much weight on my shoulders thinking we needed to do things and become people we just aren’t. i expected unrealistic things from myself and him. i regret the wasted time trying to be something i am not and expecting him to be something he’s not.

we pray for our food and we pray for each other. we know that we aren’t perfect, things are never going to be perfect, and we are quick to apologize. we focus our lives around giving and supporting. we find spirituality and peace with each other, the outdoors, and the ultimate spirit who created it all. if we don’t believe the same things as you, that’s okay. we still love you… and this is enough. we’ve learned to accept one another, love each other for it, and we are happy.

things we did this month:
we listened to a lot more rap and a lot more country. we watched a billion movies and i got a nose ring. the man gave me a piano and i gave him a bike trainer. we spent time with the ones we loved and we played santa for people we don’t know. we soaked in the hot springs. we made plenty of drives up north and ate our weight in treats. we built a rock climbing wall and toasted to the new year.

2012 was great. but onto more adventures we go.

oh and dare i say, i’m going to do a Tuesday tunes today.  yes, i dare.

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