Wednesday, January 30, 2013

o h , b r o t h e r

i woke up thinking it was tuesday.
that may have been the only positive thing all day.

i dug my car out of the snow.
i got in the car to leave and realized that i would be late for my 8 am meeting,
so i ran back in and attended from home.

i dug my car out of the snow.
meeting ended and i jumped in the car to get to work for my 9 am meeting.
i got a few blocks away and realized the snow had not let up 
and the traffic was worse.
i turned around and attended from home. 

hell, at least i can attend from home. that's nice.
i eventually made it in to work at lunch,
after i dug my car out of the snow again. 
i blame this…. well too much of this: 
i even carried my computer to the window to show my 9am meeting.
i am bound and determined to get one more positive in before the days end.
wish me luck.

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  1. wish you a LOT of luck! and press all the thumbs i've... :D

    another thing...
    i am doing a blog-representation on my blog and it would be such an honor for me if you leave a comment and be a part of this... <3