Tuesday, January 29, 2013

t u e s d a y t u n e s v.6

we are in the dead of winter.
our long walks to get miss june some air
have turned into a quick lap around the front yard.
my craving for the sun has become heavy as i try to balance
my need of money and my greater need for freedom.
isn’t that why everyone is still here.

all in it’s time.
all in it’s place.

for now my husband’s face will be my sunshine.

i was going to share a tune that makes me cry
but i decided against it. next week.
maybe then i can properly explain what it says to me.

for now everyone needs some uplifting music.
something that speaks
something that screams
you can do anything

yup. you can do anything 

...and this video is bad ass.

"one thing before i graduate
never let your fear decide your fate."

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