Monday, February 25, 2013

b l a h b l a h b l o g

i am not going to apologize for my absence,
because i don’t think anyone even reads this blog.
and to be honest, it makes no difference to me.
my dad has recently been scanning in pictures
from his boyhood in oklahoma and mission in south africa.
going through those pictures is incredible and
he can remember every detail about each one.
i am sure my kids will have thousands of pictures of casey and i
however, do i have a great memory? … eh not so much.

this is why i blog.
i don’t do crafts, i don’t love to cook, 
and i have 30 pound dog instead of children.
so if you are looking to learn something..
probably not going to happen.

moving on…..
this weekend was perfect.
the kind of perfect that cannot be planned.
it started thursday with our darling neighbors friends.

our friends
she in bank marketing, and he an anthropogist.
we’ll end up walking a mile in the cold to karaoke
at a bar so ghetto i hide my wedding ring before going in. 
we ride the mechanical bull at the club down the street.
our dogs have daily play dates.
i envy her house decor.
katrina makes a mean crepe that i would happily eat all day long.
and marshall was once my college professor.
so pretty much they are bad ass.

we went up at a concert in park city.
it was so entertaining.
minus the man i threatened to punch, we had a blast.

friday was a long day.
i pretty much fried my brain at work.
i’m not going to reminisce that day.

saturday evening we braved the bad roads and went to momentum.
oh have i missed the climbing gym.
i’m going to thank my vegetarian diet on this one.
somehow my climbing was as good as it’s ever been.
i landed a v5 boulder climb in 2 tries and got halfway up a 12b crimper.
oh for the love of crimpers.
sunday we had a delicious brunch next door
and went for a walk by the river. 
see…. perfect.

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