Monday, February 18, 2013

v e g e t a r i a n

ready for a mind purge.

ok go.

i am married to an extremely healthy man. we have always ate pretty healthy and have participated in things like rock climbing and running. however, the winter blues always roll in and any and all exercise came to a halt. in fact, the last time i ran besides a few weeks ago was the las vegas ragnar on november 9. gross. i spent the last couple months reading books on fitness and packed on 5 extra pounds. weird, i know. some of you may think that 5 pounds is no big deal, but for someone as little as me, it is. as you may know.. or not.. i was a competitive gymnast for years and my husband was a state champion wrestler, so we enjoy pushing our bodies to the extreme. for about 5 years, after quitting gymnastics i was still as flexible, i could still out sit-up and out pushup most people, and life was great. i even started to think i was just a natural, because i could always do it. this last year something happened. i suddenly can’t whip out 100 sit-ups whenever and my splits are... well pathetic. sitting on my yoga ball at work just isn’t cutting it anymore.

back to the reading books part. casey and i both read: 

by: scott jurek
by: steph davis

scott an ultrarunner and steph a climber/runner. both at the top of the game. and a few weeks ago we watched forks over knives and actually paid attention. 
two things i got from the books and movie: 

1. i suck at life and have accomplished nothing.
2. i should become vegetarian if i have any chance at not sucking at life. 

the first one, will take some time getting over. i can’t run all day long and i can’t crack climb... yet. but when my husband mentioned he wanted to give the vegetarian lifestyle a shot, i was like sweet! this i can do...  followed by wait. what the heck am i going to cook? so we began. and let's be honest. it is a breeze. hahaha. i'm not joking.

we don’t eat meat. we don’t eat fish. we don’t eat dairy-mostly.

important things we have noticed: 

you won’t go into a food coma.
you will meet gypsies while at whole foods.
the food tastes better.
you have more energy.
you can always find something at restaurants

sure, nothing sounds better than wings from wing nuts, but really going vegetarian has been great. the food is so yummy. we spend more time thinking about what we are cooking, so things are more colorful and flavorful. i have seen a lot of these fasts and juice cleanses. but let’s face it- cayenne pepper does not belong in any lemonade and who has the money to spend $100+ on juice.

staying healthy is about balancing what you need and what you don’t. casey and i have juiced our whole marriage and have loved it, but when i take it to work and within an hour it looks all foamy... ew no. we mostly juice when we get home from a workout or as a treat for a movie. but be careful. if you don’t know what you’re doing, that juice can pack more sugar on those hips than you think.

lastly, we all know fitness also requires working out. i have a lot planned this year and i am going to have to kick my butt into gear to get it all done. i have started running more in preparation for my first full marathon in june. my sister and i are signing up for a triathlon in july. i have another ragnar in june and casey and i plan on climbing a lot this summer. and honestly.. i really just want a six pack.

in case you want to know what we eat.

lunch 2/18/2013
-a few grain chips with jalapeno humus
-wheat bun sandwich with more humus, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, and spinach
-a few berries and almonds
*humus found at sprouts 
(what used to be the sunflower market)
so damn good.
lunch with my girl, miss june.

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